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Chiropractic Techniques

Diversified Technique is used by 95% of chiropractors, including the Doctors at Acu-Chiropractic.  There are many different chiropractic techniques.  The Diversified Technique encompasses the most effective ways of adjusting joints anywhere in the body. 

Manual Adjustments are most commonly used by our Doctors.  This involves the doctor using their hands to move the affected joints.  A quick thrust is applied to the joint that is restricted to move it back into place and allow for normal functioning.

Thompson Technique uses a "drop table" to manually adjust the joint.  The doctor uses a "drop piece" under the individual area they wish to adjust.  They then use their hands to put pressure on the joint and the "drop piece" falls back into a neutral position as the joint moves.

Activator Method uses a spring loaded instrument to deliver a fast but minimally dynamic adjustment.  Patients are most commonly lying on their stomach and the doctor uses the Activator over the affected joints.  This technique is great for patients with osteoporosis or who have difficulty with manual adjustments.

Sacral Occipital Technique uses pelvic blocks (a triangular-shaped foam wedge) to help alignment the sacroiliac joints while the patient is lying on their stomach.  Blocking helps with relaxing the low back muscles so the joints can go back into place.