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Dr. Sammon, DC

  • Dr.
    Scott Sammon

    Dr. Scott Sammon is the owner of Acu-Chiropractic Wellness Center, PA and has practiced in this same location since 1995. He provides diversified chiropractic techniques, specializing in neuromuscular skeletal issues, as well Activator, Cox, and Trigger Point Therapy. He also uses acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractic treatments.

    Dr. Sammon has a holistic approach to health, which goes beyond treating just symptoms of pain but also addresses the underlying causes of dysfunction and imbalance of the body. He is passionate about teaching his patients the importance and benefits of proper nutrition.  He is certified in the First Line Therapy nutritional program that demonstrates how optimal nutrition results in disease prevention and increased quality of life.

    Dr. Sammon is a graduate of National Health Services University located in Chicago, Illinois. He interned at the Chicago Health Services Clinic, Salvation Army Clinic, along with the Campus Clinic in Lombard, Illinois. He is an active member in the American Chiropractic Association, Minnesota Chiropractic Association, and the local chamber of commerce.

    Dr. Sammon and his wife, Kelly, reside in Lakeville, MN. They have two sets of identical twins; Brennan and Riley born in 1997 and Maggie and Ellie were born in 1999. He attends River Valley Church in Apple Valley and enjoys many outdoor activities.