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The Doctors at Acu-Chiropractic will guide you through a 7, 10 or 28-day detoxification program.  This detox focuses on removing toxins from the body in a healthy, safe way.  Nutritional support is provided by Metagenics™ products.  There are different detoxification medical foods that allow the doctor to design an effective program to meet your specific needs.  Many people notice an improvement in the way they feel with increased energy and less bothersome symptoms .

This program has four parts to make it effective:

¨ Targeted nutrition: powdered medical food that is added to water, up to 6 times per day.  Each shake provides you with proteins, vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients to facilitate the detoxification.  Other supplements may be recommended by your Doctor.

¨ Eating plan:  a modified elimination diet reduces allergens or food sensitivities, and allows your body to absorb unprocessed foods that are simple to digest.

¨ Simple exercise: light exercise is recommended during a detox to decrease the stress load your  organs.

¨ Stress management:  reducing stress and allowing enough sleep is important for your body to heal and feel rejuvenated.